This is what we want to accomplish with The Comic Sutra:

We want to create a work of satire.  Let’s be honest: we are not actually trying to improve your sex life or your relationship. We don’t have any formal training in that arena. Our goal is to make you laugh.

We want to create a work featuring sex positions and commentary on sex and relationships. A common misconception of the Kama Sutra is that it’s a book full of adventurous sexual positions. The majority of the text, however, covers the gamut of sex and relationships. Accordingly, we will focus on the broad spectrum of sex instead of just the tantalizing positions.

We want to portray better-balanced gender dynamics. The Kama Sutra and other similar texts are riddled with misogyny and postulations of women’s inferiority. Those attitudes may have been acceptable hundreds - or even thousands - of years ago, but cultural norms have changed and continue to evolve. The gender equity we portray isn’t novel, but we want to give it room to flourish in new ways.

We want to challenge and improve the collective understanding and representation of diverse sexualities, orientations, and relationships as they relate to sex. The texts that we riff on, spoof, and parody in The Comic Sutra skew predominately heteronormative. While Volume I skims the surface of human sexuality, future volumes will dive deeper to explore under- and misrepresented groups. Any single panel, taken on its own, might seem problematic. Taken together, our mission becomes clear:  to satirize from a place of understanding, not assumption and stereotype. We’re not laughing at a particular group; we’re laughing together at what works and what very clearly doesn’t. 

We want to promote positive conversations around sex. Sexual and reproductive discourse - particularly in America - is often rife with judgment, shame and condemnation. We’ve chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds from this project to Abortion Access Force (AAF), because we believe ALL individuals should have unrestricted autonomy over their own bodies and choices. LPJ promotes informed decision-making and fights for safe, dignified, and affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare.